Madeyewlook Body Paint - "Vampire"
Madeyewlook Body Paint - "Vampire"

Madeyewlook Body Paint - "Vampire"

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Fragrance free. Cruelty Free.

Turn yourself or your friends into their wildest dreams as you bring your imagination to life with Madeyewlook water activated body paint.

"Vampire" is a deep plum-like red that is perfect for blood on its own, or when mixed with "Oak". You can even add in a little bit of "Neptune" for a more blue toned blood. Vampire is not only great for water activated blood, but also Lex's personal favorite for a base of red when creating an entire red based look (she has always been a fan of dark red bases) and then using "Cherry" to highlight. Huh, a tutorial and description in one. Nice.

*When you order Vampire and Oak together, please know they look VERY similar in color until wet and applied. Make sure you check your labels if grabbing them on the run. Suddenly you will have a dark red tree character instead of a brown tree character. Just trust us.

Whether you are new or experienced with body paints, the Madeyewlook Body Paint is easy to use. To activate, spray the paint cake with water, and apply using a brush or sponge. Of course, we recommend using the Luxe Makeup Brush set, or more specifically, our Flat Foundation brush to apply. To remove, either hop in the shower or gently remove with soap and water. To mix multiple colors together, wet both paint cakes and brush the product on a sanitary washable or disposable surface (we recommend makeup mixing palettes), mixing them on the surface itself. Always be sure to let the paints dry before placing the lid back on after use. Never put lids on while the paints are still wet.

The Madeyewlook body paint is blendable, smooth, does not crack on the skin, and dries to the touch. With it's light weight finish, it feels similar to wearing foundation on your skin. Suitable for conventions, photography, social media needs, and more. We understand you may have a lot of questions regarding use and situational durability. For more tips, tricks, and helpful information, see our youtube channel.

If you are worried about temporary staining from the body paints, which can happen from time to time, we find that applying a very light moisturizer, primer, or foundation underneath the paint helps with removal later on. 

We recommend patch testing any makeup product prior to use.

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