Deep Grey "Put Your Phone Down" Tee

Deep Grey "Put Your Phone Down" Tee

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*Infomercial voice* 

Are you tired of people always being on their phones? Blankly staring at someone across the table as they scroll through their social media? Taking photos through a lens instead of living in the moment?

Why, WE HAVE THE PRODUCT FOR YOU! Tell your special someone, or society in general to put their phone down in a spooky, drawn looking fashion! While technology is wonderful to capture life's memories in a physical form, some moments are best spent while seeing reality through our own eyes and not through a device.

The "Put your Phone Down" tee design was digitally drawn by Alexys, keeping a very sketchy and fun feel to the shirt. The writing of the saying is also done in handwriting, as opposed to a font.

Unisex fit. Crew Neck. Tagless.