Create Your Own Sunshine Sticker

Create Your Own Sunshine Sticker

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We encourage you to share this sticker with others. You never know what is happening in someone else's life, and sometimes a little reminder of sunshine can brighten someone's entire day.

Our "Create Your Own Sunshine" sticker is absolutely drawn with love. We hope that you will not only create your own sunshine with this sticker, but also spread light to others. 

"Create Your Own Sunshine" features a black Akita with orange sunglasses and palm trees reflecting in the distance, set inside of a diamond surrounded by tropical flowers. 

  • The featured pup is based off of Kane the Akita.
  • "Create your own" was written in Alexys's handwriting, while "sunshine" was written in her Grandmothers cursive.

5x5" Vinyl sticker

(No joke, they have survived the dishwasher after we stuck them to a water bottle. Probably not recommended, but this is a true story. Take it as you wish.)