Summer Kane Pin
Summer Kane Pin

Summer Kane Pin

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This 1.75" Akita pin was originally based off of Kane the Akita, but with a twist. (Twist being that he is actually enjoying the sun instead of burying himself in snow and refusing to come inside the house during the winter!). Like all of our pins, "Summer Pup" was digitally drawn by Alexys. The artwork was then sent away and created into a pin! They look extremely cute/cool on hats, bags, jackets, basically anything you can stick a pin to. 

The "Summer Pup" is a lapel, hard enamel pin featuring a very reflective silver face, sunset orange sunglasses, and palm trees reflecting in the distance.  He is both lined and backed with silver metal, along with two silver finish military/butterfly clutch backs to secure your new pup to whatever you'd like without him spinning upside down.

He is lookin' a little toasty, don't you think? Maybe a refreshing blue drink would cool him off a bit. Check out our Tropical Drink pairing!